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FTT 운동에 참여하고 있는 파트너 단체들

아래의 단체 리스트는 FTT 한글사이트의 운영초기였던 2007년 7월 그 당시 파트너 단체로 가입되었던 초창기 파트너 멤바중 일부입니다.  현재는 340여개의 주요 교단과 국제선교단체들이 협력하여 미개척종족들을 입양하고 개척 사역하는 글로벌 네트워크로 발전하였습니다.


* Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) is committed to translating new language versions of the Jesus Film for evangelism efforts as well as providing introductions for strategic relationships in the target regions. President - Steve Douglass, Table 71 Executive Director- Bob Varney, VP of Global Coverage - Paul Eshleman, VP Partnerships - Bill Wolfe


*DAWN will provide regional contacts (near the UUPG) partner together with FTT sponsoring local churches (managing partners) - US Director - Ted Olson


*International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention will be focused on training local church volunteers to develop strategies for launching Church Planting initiatives, provide training of local church UUPG Champions as well as provide introductions for strategic relationships in the target regions. President - Jerry Rankin, VP - Scott Holste


*International Orality Network - will provide contacts for training and resources for evangelizing and discipling oral cultures. This is a partnership of about a dozen ministries including most of the Table 71 agencies. Chairman of the Executive Committee - Avery Willis


*Mission Spokane- will provide intercessory prayer for the FTT movement - Executive Director - Dan Grether


*OneStory -will provide field teams that will develop a core number of localized Chronological Bible Story sets in the mother tongue of the target UUPGs and provide training for Quest teams to do the field work. Int'l Team Leader - Ron Green - CCCI


*Perspectives on the World Christian Movement will provide an introduction to the biblical basis for missions, a history of the expansion of the world Christian movement, a basic understanding of culture and its effect on the spread of the gospel, and exposure to current mission thinking. This course prepares church leaders, champions, and core team members to think critically and strategically about their involvement in missions. Perspectives is offered throughout the year at sites across the U.S. and Canada. National Director - David Flynn


*Progressive Vision providing leadership for the FTT Strategy Team and Executive Producer services for FTT events, vision casting media, and training resources. President- Marcus Vegh


*Trans World Radio providing contacts for national workers in the target UUPG regions. COO - Samuel Chiang


*Walk Thru The Bible (WTB) will provide regional contacts (near the UUPG) from their World Teach Network. Director International Ministries - Terry Sparks


*Wycliffe and The Seed Company will be providing scripture translation for these groups where virtually no scripture is available as well as providing introductions for strategic relationships in the target regions. President Wycliffe Bible Translators USA - Bob Creson, President The Seed Company - Roy Peterson


*Youth With a Mission (YWAM) will be focused on short term team training, entry opportunities, providing additional manpower to mobilize virtually anywhere as well as providing introductions for strategic relationships in the target regions. Founder - Loren Cunningham, Int'l Director, Mark Anderson, Int'l Director, David Hamilton


DELTA Ministries The lifework of DELTA Ministries is to provide customized consulting and resources for local churches who desire to use short-term missions as a part of their FTT strategy. Serving as a facilitating agent, we partner with the short-termer, the local church, and the mission field to orchestrate the successful fulfillment of the overall vision. DELTA specializes in logistical support, customized training, on-field management and follow-through. Being firmly convinced that short-term ministries accomplishes the work of missions, generates career missionaries, inspires missions in the local church and is a catalyst for life-change in the short-termer, we dedicate ourselves to excellence in our commission.


National Christian Foundation providing guidance for FTT partnering agencies to secure funding for strategic FTT initiatives. VP Agency Relations - Jerry Daniel


Frontiers providing training for churches that are targeting FTT Muslim UUPGs. President - Contact an FTT Broker for name of leader


Global Focus providing consultation services to churches desiring to better focus Mission strategy. President- Larry Reesor


International Students, Inc. providing names of Christians who are current and former students in NA Universities who are from a country where FTT UUPGs are located. President - Doug Shaw


Jesus Film Project providing the Jesus Film in languages that are spoken by the FTT UUPGs as well as national contacts in the target regions. Executive Director - Jim Green


Living Water International providing for those churches who want to use access to clean water a viable platform. President - Gary Evans

sixteen-fifteen providing broker services training as well a providing comprehensive consultation for churches needing to develop a clear mission strategy. President - Matthew Ellison


Scriptures In Use providing training for non-western church planters partnering with FTT churches for making disciples of oral communicators. President - Jim Bowman


visionSynergy providing information and introductions to churches regarding existing network contacts within the near region of the targeted UUPGs. President - Phill Butler